Ethiopia visa for Senegalese citizens in June 2024

Most foreigners traveling to Ethiopia require a visa. There is no need to be concerned because Senegalese citizens have several choices for getting an Ethiopian online visa.

Keep reading to understand about Ethiopia visa for Senegalese citizens in this article.

1. Check Ethiopia e-Visa for Senegalese citizens

Senegalese citizens must get a visa to enter and travel to Ethiopia. An Ethiopia e-visa is exclusively applicable for tourist purposes and is valid from the date of arrival into Ethiopia specified in the application form. Tourist visas are only valid for one entrance and a stay of 30 days. This implies that a single tourist visa cannot be used again after leaving the country. Even if the visa has days left on it, the law applies.

The vast majority of visitors will need a tourist visa. For Senegalese citizens, the application process for an Ethiopia visa has been streamlined. Tourist visa holders are not permitted to work at all. Not even for unpaid labor. Additionally, tourist visa holders cannot change their immigration status.

Check Ethiopia e-visa for Senegal citizens

Check Ethiopia e-visa for Senegalese citizens

2. How can Senegalese citizens apply for an Ethiopian Visa?

Documents required

Citizens of Senegal must check that they meet the visa requirements before beginning the online application. Gathering all essential documentation will save time and ensure a smooth application procedure.

Senegalese candidates must also double-check their details before completing the application form. Incorrect information or the inability to produce all required papers may cause the visa application to be delayed or refused.

The following are the Ethiopia visa requirements for Senegalese nationals:

  • A Senegal passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Ethiopia. At least one blank page in the passport should be available for the Immigration Officer to stamp.
  • A current color photo of the candidate was taken within the previous six months.

The required documents to apply for an Ethiopia e-visa

The required documents to apply for an Ethiopia e-visa

Step by step to apply for the Ethiopia visa

  • Step 1: Complete the safe online application form. Fill complete the online forms at the Apply for Ethiopia e-Visa page to process your e-Visa to Ethiopia. You must fill in the form with the applicant's full name, birth date, birthplace, country of citizenship, gender and passport number, and date of arrival/departure.
  • Step 2: Please double-check your information to ensure it is accurate and complete. Pay the e-visa fee by electronic payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal). You will be asked to produce further evidence to complete your application form once we have received full payment for the Visa Service Fee and the Ethiopia Government & Admin Fee. Following that, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your visa application.
  • Step 3: Please check your email for confirmation, and we will contact you once your Ethiopia eVisa is ready. Before being sent to you, the e-visa will be processed and approved online.
  • Step 4: Upon arrival, have your visa stamped in your passport. Remember to download and print the Ethiopia e-Visa that we emailed to you.

3. Ethiopia visa fee and Processing times

Ethiopia e-visa application fee

Ethiopia e-visa application fee

Ethiopia visa fees are divided into two categories: the Government charge, which is a government-mandated expense, and the Service price, which is the amount that the individual requesting Ethiopia visa online must pay.

Applicants can now choose between three different costs based on the visa's urgency.

  • Normal: For inhabitants of Senegal who need an e-visa within three business days.
  • Urgent: For Senegal nationals who need an e-visa within two working days.
  • Super Urgent: For people who need an e-Visa in less than 24 hours.

Furthermore, we strongly advise you to obtain Ethiopia Travel Insurance. We also want to underline that this is entirely optional; you can consider it based on your specific circumstances.

This article should have helped you understand the Ethiopian visa requirements for Senegalese citizens. Please contact us if you need to schedule an Ethiopia visa service. Professional personnel with many years of expertise in visa services will save you a significant amount of time and money in obtaining visa clearance.