Ethiopia visa for Cambodian citizens in May 2024

Ethiopia is a nation in northeastern Africa that is also known as the Horn of Africa. While there are several reasons to visit Ethiopia, one prerequisite is a visa.

All travelers to Ethiopia, with the exception of two nations, Djibouti and Kenya, require a visa. There is no need to be concerned because Cambodian citizens have various options for obtaining an Ethiopian visa.

So, in this article, let's find out the Ethiopia visa requirements for Cambodian citizens.

1. Do Cambodian citizens need a visa to visit Ethiopia from Cambodia?

To enter and travel in Ethiopia, Cambodian nationals must get a visa. For Cambodian nationals, the application process for an Ethiopian visa has been shortened. A visit visa is required for the vast majority of travelers.

Tourist visas are only good for one entry and a 30- or 90-day stay. Note that the validity of an Ethiopian visa commences from the entry date specified in the application form. This means that after leaving the country, a single tourist visa cannot be used again. The legislation applies even if the visa has days left on it.

Visa extensions are offered for visitors who require more time in Ethiopia. These may be obtained through the Immigration and Nationality Affairs Office in Ethiopia's capital city of Addis Ababa. Please keep in mind that you must get an extension at least one week before the expiration of your existing visa. If you are denied, you must promptly leave the country to avoid fines or criminal prosecution.

Cambodian tourist visa holders are not permitted to work in any capacity. Not even for free labor. Tourist visa holders are not permitted to change their immigration status.

Check Ethiopia visa requirements for Cambodian citizens

Check Ethiopia visa requirements for Cambodian citizens

2. How can Cambodian citizens apply for an Ethiopian visa?

What documents do Cambodia need to get an Ethiopian Visa?

Cambodian citizens must verify that they satisfy all of the prerequisites before beginning the online application process. Gathering the necessary papers ahead of time will save time and guarantee a smooth application process.

Cambodian applicants must additionally validate their personal information. Incorrect data or the inability to present all essential documents may result in the visa being delayed or denied.

The Ethiopia visa requirements for Cambodian nationals are as follows:

  • Passports must be valid for at least six months from the arrival date in Ethiopia.
  • The Cambodia passport should have at least one blank page for the Immigration Officer to stamp.
  • Applicants who hold dual citizenship should select their nation based on the passport they want to use for travel.
  • A personal photograph of the applicant.
  • An email address to receive all the notifications relating to the visa application.

How to get Ethiopia e-visa from Cambodia

How to get Ethiopia e-visa from Cambodia

Step by step to apply for the Ethiopia visa

  • Step 1: Fill out the secure online application form: Fill out the online forms on the Apply for Ethiopia e-Visa page to process Cambodia’s candidates' e-Visa to Ethiopia. Personal information about all candidates must be supplied.
  • Step 2: Obtain confirmation and submit the required documentation: Please check the detailed information to ensure that it is correct and complete. Then, for our Ethiopia visa service charge, choose a payment method and complete the secure checkout form. Once we have received full payment for the Ethiopia Government and admin Fee and the Visa Service Fee, Cambodia applicants will be requested to provide further proof to complete their application form.
  • Step 3: Send an email requesting the e-visa: Please check the email for confirmation, and we will notify applicants once their Ethiopia e-visa has been processed. The e-visa will be processed and approved online before being mailed to Cambodian candidates.
  • Step 4: Have your visa stamped in a Cambodian passport upon arrival: Please print the Ethiopia e-Visa that we sent to Cambodia applicants through email in order to show it to the Immigration Officers at the border checkpoint. If candidates arrive in Ethiopia with a valid e-Visa, they will have a stamp implanted in Cambodia's passport.

3. Ethiopia visa fee and Processing times

Ethiopia visa fees are classified as either government-mandated or non-government charges. The service fee is the sum that the individual looking for an Ethiopia visa online must pay.

Cambodian applicants can presently select among three different fees depending on the urgency of the visa.

  • Normal: For citizens who require an e-visa within three business days.
  • Urgent: For citizens who require an e-visa within two days.
  • Super Urgent: For those who require an eVisa within 24 hours.

We also strongly suggest you purchase COVID-19 Ethiopia Travel insurance. When you are not in your native country, for a price of US$ 299 for each application, you will be protected against a range of hazards, including the COVID-19 pandemic. We also want to emphasize that this is absolutely optional; you can think about it based on your own circumstances.

This article should have clarified the Ethiopian visa requirements for Cambodians. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require Ethiopia visa assistance. Professionals with many years of experience in this field will save you a substantial amount of time and money when it comes to acquiring visa approval.