Ethiopia visa for Cameroonian citizens in July 2024

Ethiopia has recently been a popular tourist destination for travelers from most nations, including Cameroon, thanks to one of the world's fastest economic development rates in travel and tourism.

The Ethiopia e-Visa system was launched in 2017. It is a simple online approach that allows citizens of various nationalities to speed up the immigration process and boost national border security.

Cameroonians can now obtain an electronic visa to Ethiopia in only a few steps. Let's visit this article to find out the Ethiopian visa requirements for Cameroonian citizens.

Ethiopia e-Visa for Cameroonian citizens

1. Ethiopia e-Visa for Cameroonian citizens

Cameroonian citizens will require a visa to enter this country. Cameroonian citizens can apply for an Ethiopia e-Visa online, which is offered as a single entry visa for stays of 30 to 90 days. The validity of an Ethiopia e-visa is 30 days or 90 days from the estimated date of entry into the country provided on the application form.

The Ethiopia e-Visa is an online tourist visa that permits Cameroonians to visit the country for tourism purposes. It is a simple, painless operation that saves both time and money for the applicants.

Check Ethiopian visa requirements for Cameroonian citizens

Before applying for the Ethiopia e-Visa, Cameroonians must meet a number of basic Ethiopian visa entry requirements.

Cameroonian citizens must have Cameroonian passports which must be valid for at least six (06) months from the date of entrance to Ethiopia.

A color photograph of the applicant is also required to complete the application form.

It is the obligation of the Cameroonian applicants to ensure that the information given is true and precise before completing the application online. This is suggested to minimize delays because any error might slow the visa procedure and help prevent any complications upon arrival.

2. Apply Ethiopian e-Visa for Cameroonian citizens

After acquiring the aforementioned documents, Cameroonian travelers should fill out the application form, providing additional information:

Personal details such as:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Country and city of birth
  • Gender

Passport detail:

  • Passport number

Cameroonian travelers with multiple passports should exercise caution when completing the online application form, as any incompatibility may result in delays upon arrival in Ethiopia. Once in Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, the e-Visa is provided along with the passport.

An e-visa takes only a few minutes to process. Most visas are issued within 24 hours of submission, however, others may take up to 72 hours.

The Ethiopian e-Visa provides Cameroonian visitors with a single-entry visa with two stay duration options ranging from 30 to 90 days of stay.

Because the e-visa is only valid for one entry, visitors to Cameroon who wish to leave and return before the visa expires must apply for a new one. Overstaying a visa in Ethiopia can result in legal fines and penalties for Cameroonian residents.

Ethiopian e-Visa From Cameroon: Important Information Before Traveling

3. Ethiopian e-Visa fee for Cameroonian citizens

To complete an application, you must pay two types of Ethiopian e-visa fees: the Government and Service fees.

To be more clear, the Government charge is set by Ethiopian authorities and cannot be changed. Citizens of Cameroon are required to pay this fee since their country of origin is not on the exemption list of Ethiopia e visa.

In terms of service fees, you have 03 options, and the fees will vary depending on your situation:

  • Normal: streamlined application service that will help you acquire your Visa in 03 business days.
  • Urgent: utilized in some exceptional instances if you don't have days to wait for a response. This style can assist you in receiving your Visa in 02 working days.
  • Super urgent: created for circumstances when Cameroonian applicants need a Visa in hours. With this service, you should receive your Visa within 24 business hours.

Payment methods include computerized transactions and wire transfers. With electronic payment, you can select a payment unit such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal.

4. Ethiopian e-Visa From Cameroon: Important Information Before Traveling

The Ethiopian Government advises foreign travelers to receive immunizations before visiting Ethiopia. The yellow fever vaccination card is one of the most frequent vaccines that is commonly recommended to carry.

This condition is particularly stringent for tourists who have recently transited through an airport in a nation with a high risk of yellow fever.

When visiting Ethiopia, visitors must verify they have all of the relevant documents.

To minimize delays and long lineups at the airport, it is a good idea to request an e-visa from Ethiopia prior to departure. In addition, it is strongly advised to bring a printed copy of the approved visa with you when flying. The visa validity begins from the date of arrival provided on the application form.

In addition, we urge that you get TravelĀ insuranceĀ in Ethiopia. If you are not in your nation of residence, you will be protected from several threats, including the COVID-19 pandemic. It should also be emphasized that this is an optional option that you can explore depending on your situation.

Hope this article gives you more information about Ethiopia visa for Cameroonian citizens. Let's apply Ethiopian tourist e-visa and begin your journey to this beautiful country. Contact us now!