Ethiopia visa requirements for Greek citizens

An Ethiopian e-Visa is a digital travel permit that allows international visitors, including Greeks, to enter the country for tourism and sightseeing purposes. The electronic visa was established in 2017 with the goal of making the immigration process more straightforward.

To enter Ethiopia, most residents must apply for an electronic visa, which implies Greek citizens must get one.

The application process for an Ethiopian visa for Greek citizens is less complicated than for a standard visa. Greek residents can apply online an Ethiopia e-Visa in minutes from anywhere in the world. There is no need to notify the Ethiopian Embassy or Consulate General in Athens before traveling to Ethiopia.

Ethiopian e-Visa for Greek citizens

1. Ethiopian e-Visa for Greek citizens

Greek passport holder require a visit visa to enter Ethiopia, whether traveling for pleasure or business.

Ethiopia tourist visas are valid for either 30 or 90 days. The validity period of an e visa begins on the arrival time in Ethiopia specified on the application form. When filling out the Ethiopian e-Visa application form, visitors applying for an Ethiopian e-Visa from Greece will be asked to select the visa period. At this time, the Ethiopian Government only offers single-entry visas. 

The Ethiopian government issues a variety of business visas to holders of Greek passports, including conference visas, investment visas, journalist visas, government institution short-term visas, and so on. The specifics of a business visa application to Ethiopia can be filled online or at the Ethiopian Embassy in Greece.

About requirements of Ethiopian e-Visa for Greek citizens

To acquire travel permission, travelers must meet Ethiopia's visa requirements for Greek citizens. The following documents are necessary for Greek travelers applying for an Ethiopia tourist visa: 

  • A current Greek passport that is valid for at least 06 months from the arrival date in Ethiopia.
  • The Greek passport should have at least one blank page for stamping by the Immigration Officer.
  • A recent digital passport photo (in color)
  • A valid credit card (debit or credit)
  • A working email address

Dual nationals must enter the country using the same passport they used to apply for the e-Visa. 

2. How to Apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa as Greek citizens

The application process for an Ethiopia e-Visa for Greek citizens is straightforward. The visa application form is available online and takes only a few minutes to complete.

Candidates from Greece must provide the following personal and passport details:

  • Name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Contact information
  • Passport number

Greek candidates can submit the Ethiopian registration form once they ensure that the information is valid and pay the processing cost. The e-Visa approval will be sent via email to the address that was provided in the form. The e-visa needs printing out before departing in case applicants have to present it to the Immigration Officers at the airport.

Apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa as Greek citizens

How Long Does It Take for Greek Nationals to Get a Visa to Ethiopia?

An Ethiopian e-Visa normally takes 01 to 3 business days to complete after the application form is submitted. Greek applicants can track visa status of their visa applications online.

The process may take longer if there are problems or inaccuracies in the application form. Candidates should double-check all information before submitting the application form to minimize application delays. Greek visitors visiting Ethiopia should apply for an e-Visa at least 03 days in advance to allow for extended processing times.

3. Ethiopia e-Visa fee for Greek citizens

To apply for a visa to Ethiopia from Greece, you must pay two Ethiopian e-Visa fees: the Service Fee and the Government Fee.

The service price is determined by which of the three service types you choose from the list below.

  • Normal: You will obtain your e-visa in 03 business days if you choose this service.
  • Urgent: If you choose this e-visa option, you will obtain your e-visa within 02 working days.
  • Super Urgent: The most urgent sort of e-visa, which can be granted in as short as 24 hours.

Payment method: Greek candidates have two options to make the payments of their bill: electronic payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal) or wire transfer.

In addition, you can pay a small fee for Ethiopia Travel Insurance to protect your benefits while traveling abroad.

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