Ethiopia visa for Palestinian citizens in May 2024

Anyone traveling to Ethiopia should visit Lalibela. This location is home to magnificent rock-built Christian churches from the 12th and 13th centuries. The mysticism and religious beliefs of Lalibela make it an ideal vacation destination. Allow Ethiopian Immigration Services to assist you with the Ethiopia visa for Palestinian citizens.

1. Do Palestinians need a Visa to visit Ethiopia?

Citizens of Palestine will require a visa to enter Ethiopia. Obtaining an Ethiopian visa online, on the other hand, is relatively simple. Prospective visitors to Ethiopia should thoroughly understand the country's visa requirements before traveling there.

When traveling with children, parents must follow a few rules and make special arrangements for their children. To begin, Ethiopian authorities consider children under the age of 14 to be juveniles. Furthermore, the named children will be included on their parents' visas.

A minor is not required or qualified to be on their parent's visa if they are eligible for and have a passport from their home country. A consent letter from a parent or guardian is required if a minor visits Ethiopia unaccompanied.

Does Palestine need a Visa to visit Ethiopia?

What Is the Ethiopian eVisa for Palestine visitors?

The Ethiopia eVisa for Palestinian citizens is a tourist visa available only online. Under Ethiopia's visa policy, Palestinian passport holders can apply for the simple digital platform at Ethiopian Immigration Services. It is no longer necessary to travel to a diplomatic station to handle paperwork.

In 2017, the Ethiopian government launched the Ethiopian eVisa. It simplifies the process of obtaining a visa for foreign visitors to the country.

The eVisa enables Palestinian tourists to enter Ethiopia for tourism and to visit their loved ones. They have two options depending on the length of their stay:

  • Palestinian residents can stay in Ethiopia for up to a month and enter for 30 days with an Ethiopian eVisa.
  • Tourists from Palestine can enter Ethiopia for 90 days and stay for three months with an Ethiopian eVisa.

Residents of Palestine can only enter the country once with an eVisa.

Requirements for Palestinians to request the Ethiopian eVisa

For Palestinian residents, Ethiopia, like most other countries, requires a visa. The following are the basic requirements for applying for an Ethiopian visa online:

  • Make sure you have a valid Palestine passport for at least 6 months before traveling to Ethiopia. If your Palestine passport is about to expire in less than six months, you should renew it.
  • Make sure your passport has more than 2 blank pages for exit and entry stamping.
  • Make a copy of their passport's biographical page.
  • Please include a passport-sized photo with your application.
  • Please include an email address that you regularly use.
  • Pay the visa fee with a credit card.

Once accepted, the Ethiopia eVisa for Palestinian nationals is sent to the email address provided in the form. As a result, having an email address that you regularly check is preferable. All correspondence pertaining to the application is also sent to the email address that you provide to us.

An eVisa can be obtained online through a secure channel. Most credit and debit cards are accepted all over the world.

2. How to Apply for an Ethiopian electronic visa from Palestine?

Applying for an Ethiopian e-Visa in Palestine is simple. Fill out a brief online application form with the required information. Visitors will be asked to provide the following details:

  • Personal information (name, date of birth, etc.)
  • Passport numbers
  • The date of arrival
  • Length of stay desired (30 or 90 days)

Palestinian applicants should double-check their responses before submitting the form. Application rejection is frequently caused by errors.

To complete the e-Visa application, Palestinian residents must pay a small processing fee. Using a bank card speeds up the application process. All payments are securely stored on secure servers.

To apply for an Ethiopia visa online right now, follow these four steps:

  • Step 1: Fill out the secure online application form.
  • Step 2: Obtain confirmation and all required documentation.
  • Step 3: Request your e-visa via email.
  • Step 4: Have your visa stamped in your passport when you arrive.

How to Apply for the Ethiopian electronic visa from Palestine?

3. Ethiopia visa fee and Processing times

In Ethiopia, there are two types of visa fees: government fees and private fees. The service charge is the fee paid to the government by the individual who applies for an Ethiopia visa online.

Applicants can now select one of three fees based on the urgency of their visa application.

  • Standard: For citizens who require an e-visa within three business days.
  • Urgent visa: If you need an e-visa in less than two days, select this option.
  • Super urgent visa: Choose this option if you require an e-visa within 24 hours.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you purchase Ethiopian travel insurance. Palestine applicants will be protected against a variety of hazards, including the COVID-19 pandemic, when you are not in your home country. We should also mention that this is an optional feature that you may want to consider depending on your specific situation.

4. Ethiopia visa for Palestinian citizens FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Ethiopia visit visa for Palestinian candidates. Let discovery.

Can I work inside Ethiopia after entering the country to use the Tourist visa?

No, tourist visas are only issued to foreigners for the purpose of tourism, and you are not permitted to work in the country while in possession of these travel documents. You will face serious legal consequences if the authorities discover you are breaking the rules.

How long is an Ethiopian tourist visa valid?

Ethiopia issues single-entry tourist visas to foreign nationalities. These visas are valid for one month or three months depending on which visa type you choose.

How many days will it take to get my Ethiopian tourist e-visa?

Ethiopia usually issues a tourist e-visa within one to three days of receiving your application. Depending on the option you select, the processing time for an Ethiopia visa at Ethiopian Immigration Services could be as little as 24 business hours.

How to check my visa status?

It is simple to check the status of your application. This is done by selecting "Check status" and entering both your passport number and the reference number.

Where do I get a visa for Ethiopia?

You can apply for an e-visa if you are traveling by air and your point of entry is the Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia. In some cases, you may even be granted a visa on arrival. If you do not fall into one of the above-mentioned categories, you must apply to the Ethiopian Embassy in Palestine directly or your nearest Ethiopia Embassy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hope this information clarifies any misunderstandings about the Ethiopia visa for Palestinian citizens. Please contact us if you require Ethiopia visa assistance or have any questions. Our skilled professionals will assist you in becoming more clear and concise.