Ethiopia visa for Portuguese citizens in May 2024

Portuguese nationals traveling to Ethiopia may be eligible for an Ethiopian electronic visa, which is a scheme that allows citizens of eligible countries to apply for and get a travel permit from the comfort of their own homes.

Portuguese citizens must continue reading to learn about the requirements for this type of Ethiopia e-Visa for Portuguese citizens and how to apply.

Types of Ethiopia e-Visa for Portuguese citizens

1. What is Ethiopia e-Visa for Portuguese citizens?

Ethiopian authorities have implemented two types of electronic visas, which differ in terms of validity. Travelers from Portugal can apply for either a 30-day or a 90-day visa.

The validity term for both Ethiopian visas begins on the arrival date that Portuguese travelers provide on the application form, not the day the document was issued.

The Ethiopian visa is a tourist visa that allows only one entry into the country.

Overstaying the time allowed in Ethiopia with an e-visa may result in penalties for Portuguese nationals.

What documents are required for Ethiopia e-Visa?

To begin the Ethiopian online visa application, Portuguese applicants must meet certain Ethiopian e-Visa entry requirements, which are required to be considered qualified.

The following are the Ethiopian e-Visa requirements for Portuguese:

  • A valid Portuguese passport with at least 06 months validity at the time of arrival in Ethiopia. The passport should have at least 01 blank page for the verification stamp by the Immigration Officer. 
  • A current color digital photograph of the Portuguese applicant.
  • An email address to which the e-Visa to Ethiopia and any other notifications should be sent, if applicable.
  • A credit or debit card is required to pay the processing charge.

The photo must adhere to passport photo criteria, such as Portuguese must appear face-centered and visible, with no head coverings, sunglasses, or objects that obscure their faces.

* Note: The photo cannot be a scanned copy of the photo on the passport.

When all necessary documents have been gathered, Portuguese visitors to Ethiopia can begin filling out their online visa application forms.

2. Step by step to apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa from Portugal

The procedure of acquiring a visa to enter Ethiopia is simple and quick because Portuguese candidates simply need to fill out an online Ethiopian e-Visa application form, which takes less than 15 minutes.

Visitors from Portugal must complete the application by providing crucial, detailed personal information as well as information about their trip to Ethiopia.

Personal information such as the following is required:

  • Name and surname
  • Date and location of birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender 
  • Passport number
  • The arrival/departure date

The Portuguese applicant's contact information is an essential aspect of the form. As a result, Portuguese nationals must also supply their home address, phone number, and email address.

All correspondence with the applicant will be sent to the email address supplied. That is why it is critical for Portuguese visitors to double-check that their email account is correctly supplied, with no mistakes or typos. In addition, the email address must be accessible and legitimate at the time of the application.

Note: The information submitted in the identity section must correspond to the information on the Portuguese passport used to apply for the visa. Using a different passport or providing unmatched information may result in the visa application being rejected.

Finally, Portuguese citizens must pay the Ethiopian e-Visa processing cost, which can be paid with a credit or debit card.

Apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa From Portugal

Ethiopian e-Visa processing times for Portugal

Portuguese nationals should apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa 03 days before their projected trip date to ensure they obtain the travel permit on time and have all the relevant documents when they arrive.

If the online visa to Ethiopia is accepted, passengers from Portugal must print a copy of the document and bring it with them to the airport.

3. Ethiopia e-Visa fee for Portuguese citizens

Essentially, the applicants from Portugal will pay the Government fee necessary by the Ethiopian Government, as well as the service price charged for streamlining your process to receive an Ethiopian e-Visa in the quickest method possible.

Regarding the processing time, we provide 03 service alternatives to you, each with a different degree of fee:

  • Normal: Most often used when you have adequate time to prepare and wait for a response. With this option, you can have your e-visa in as little as 03 business days.
  • Urgent: utilized in exceptional instances when you only have a limited amount of time to complete all processes You can acquire your e-Visa in as little as 02 working days.
  • Super urgent: in circumstances where you need your e-Visa within hours. With this option, our professionals will assist you in obtaining an authorized e-visa within 24 hours.

Furthermore, you are advised to purchase Ethiopia travel insurance to benefit both your funds and e-visa acceptance. In order to help you better your experience in Ethiopia, we also provide certain additional services.

Payment method: Payment can be made through both electronic transactions and wire transfers. You have several options, including Visa, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal.

Let's begin your plan to visit Ethiopia, home to one of the oldest Christian civilizations in the world and a place of fascinating history and culture that dates back thousands of years. Simple steps to apply Ethiopia visa for Portuguese citizens with our support. Catch it now!