Ethiopia visa requirements for Tanzanian citizens in July 2024

The Ethiopian Government introduced the e-visa to make things easier for travelers, including Tanzania citizens. Tanzania visitors can apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa from the comfort of their own homes. They are not required to go to their local consulate, present documents in person, or meet with an Immigration Officer. Continue to read about Ethiopian visas for Tanzanian citizens.

1. Do I need an Ethiopia e-Visa for Tanzanian citizens?

Any Tanzanian nationals traveling to Ethiopia must have a valid visa before entering the country. The Ethiopian visa for Tanzanians is valid for 30 or 90 days and is a single-entry visa. The validity of an Ethiopia e visa starts from the arrival date provided on the application form. While filling out the visa application, travelers can select the type of visa they want.

Similarly, the Ethiopian tourist visa is solely valid for tourism purposes. If the travelers desire to work, study, or volunteer, they must obtain the necessary visa at the nearest Ethiopian Embassy or Consulate.

Similarly, Ethiopian e-Visa holders may only enter the country through Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Tanzanian travelers who attempt to enter by any other port will be denied entry.

Tanzanian citizens

Ethiopia e-Visa requirements for Tanzanian citizens

Before applying for an Ethiopian e-Visa, Tanzanian travelers must acquire all of the Ethiopian visa requirements. Applicants only need a few materials, including their passport, a recent digital passport-style photo, and money for the processing cost.

We have compiled a list for your convenience to make things easier. Tanzanian residents will require the following documents to apply for an Ethiopia visa:

  • A valid Tanzanian passport: This is perhaps the most vital document to have when applying for an Ethiopian tourist visa. The applicant's Tanzanian passport must be valid for at least 06 months following the date of entry into Ethiopia. It is also advised that the applicant's passport has at least one blank page for an Immigration Officer who wants to stamp it.
  • A recent photo: Applicants must submit a recent photo of themselves taken within the last 06 months. The photo must be color, face-centered, and visible.
  • To correctly fill out the electronic visa application, you will need a device with internet connectivity, such as a laptop, computer, or tablet.
  • A current email address which Tanzanian candidates to receive Ethiopian electronic visa notifications.
  • Finally, applicants will need to pay the visa application fee with a legitimate method of payment, such as a debit or credit card.

Apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa

2. How to Apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa from Tanzania

To apply for an Ethiopian visa from Tanzania, travelers must complete an online visa application. On the Ethiopian visa application, Tanzanian applicants will be given a series of simple questions about themselves, such as their complete name (first and last name), contact information (email address and home address), and passport number.

After the application, applicants will be asked to provide a passport-style photo of themselves, which must be in color and photographed within the past 06 months. Finally, to apply for consideration, Tanzanian applicants must pay the processing cost.

After submitting and processing their application, applicants will receive an email with their Ethiopia visa status. The majority of Ethiopian tourist visas are issued within 24 hours of submission, although it may take up to three working days (72 hours) if there is heavy demand or public holidays.

As a result, we recommend filing for the Ethiopian visa at least 03 days before the trip to account for any potential delays.

3. Ethiopian e-Visa fee for Tanzanian citizens

To finish the application process, Tanzanian residents must pay two types of Ethiopian e-Visa fees: the Government fee and the service price. Tanzania is not on the Ethiopian e-Visa exemption list, hence the Government charge is necessary.

The more the number of applications you apply for, the lower the service fee. Alternatively, you can choose one of the following options to match your travel goals and budget.

Type of Ethiopia e Visa for Tanzanian citizens

  • Normal: Using this service is the most cost-effective choice. You can apply for this form of visa if you have the time to compile your documentation and wait for a response. This service has a three-business-day wait period.
  • Urgent: Tanzanian individuals will receive their results within 02 working days of using this new type of service.
  • Super Urgent: This service is used for Tanzanian citizens in high-priority situations where your e-Visa is needed within a few hours. The results of this service will be accessible within 24 business hours.

Electronic payments and wire transfers are two methods of payment. When it comes to electronic payments, you should use Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal.

It is strongly advised that you obtain Travel Insurance in Ethiopia. You will be safeguarded against a wide range of hazards, including COVID-19 pandemics if you do so while traveling. However, this is not required; you may choose this option if you so like.