Ethiopia visa for Togolese citizens in May 2024

An Ethiopian visa for Togolese citizens is required. In 2017, the Ethiopian government launched the Ethiopian e-Visa system, which allows nationals of eligible countries to enter Ethiopia. Togo, like other countries, can apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa through an online portal designed to reduce wait times and provide foreign travelers with a more secure, dependable platform.

Togolese applicants must provide personal information as well as vital background information on the Ethiopian e-Visa application form in order to meet the e-Visa requirements.

1. What is Ethiopian visa for Togolese citizens?

Most foreign residents, including Togolese citizens, require a visa to visit Ethiopia. This type of e-visa is only valid for tourism and allows only one entry into Ethiopia.

Togo applicants can choose the length of validity of the visa that best meets their needs, with the Ethiopian e-Visa for Togo citizens available in two formats:

  • The validity period of 30 days
  • The validity period of 90 days

Togo applicants can choose which visa is best for them. An Ethiopian tourist e visa is valid from the date of arrival in Ethiopia specified on the application form.

Togo candidates who want to stay for a longer period of time than the one chosen must go to Addis Abeba's Immigration and National Affairs office.

Ethiopia e-Visa for Togo citizens

Ethiopia e-Visa for Togolese citizens is quick and simple.

Ethiopia visa requirements for Togolese citizens

Togolese applicants must first gather a number of prerequisites and papers before requesting a visa to Ethiopia.

The following Ethiopia visa requirements must be met before beginning the Ethiopian visa application form:

  • A Togo passport with a 6-month validity period and at least one unused page for the Immigration Officer to stamp.
  • A color photograph of the applicant is required.
  • A valid email address

Citizens of Togo must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from the date of entry into Ethiopia.

Because all updates and accepted visas will be delivered to the email address provided by Togolese applicants, the email address requested when completing the application must be active and up to date. If a Togo minor does not have an active email address, a parent's email address must be provided.

To apply for an Ethiopian visa, you must provide credit or debit card information at the end of the application form in order to pay the Ethiopia e-Visa fees.

Ethiopia visa requirements for Togo citizens

Ethiopia visa requirements for Togo citizens

2. Apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa from Togo

Togolese nationals planning to visit the country can apply for an electronic visa from anywhere in the world by filling out the Ethiopian online e-Visa registration form. Togo applicants only require a stable internet connection.

This e-Visa application to Ethiopia can be completed at any time, but it is recommended that it be completed at least three (3) days before the expected date of entry to ensure that the Togo requester receives their approved document on time.

On average, the application process takes 10 to 15 minutes. Togo applicants should keep in mind that they must first gather important information and documents known as Ethiopia's e-Visa entry criteria before beginning the application.

The Ethiopian e-Visa is issued quickly and is usually delivered to the applicant's email address within one to three working days.

Ethiopia e-Visa application form for Togolese citizens

  • Full Name (as it appears on the passport)
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • The email address
  • Date of arrival/departure

In addition, the applicant must provide passport information, such as the passport number. Togo applicants must make an online payment for the e-visa fee after filling out the application form with the required information and receiving a confirmation email about their e-visa application.

Ethiopia e-Visa application form for Togo citizens

Ethiopia e-Visa application form for Togo citizens

3. Ethiopia e-Visa fee for Togolese citizens

The total cost of an Ethiopian e-Visa for Togolese is made up of a service fee and a government fee. While the government fee remains the same for each tourist country, the service fee may vary depending on your requirements.

Based on your situation, we provide you with three options from which to choose:

  • Normal: If you need the visa in three business days or less.
  • Urgent: If you require the visa within the next two days.
  • Extremely urgent: If you need the visa within 24 business hours.

Payment method: You have the option of using either online transfers or wire transfers. You can pay for your order with a credit card, a debit card, or PayPal.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you obtain Ethiopia Travel Insurance. You are safe from a variety of threats when you are not in your home country, including the Covid pandemic. Ethiopia Immigration Services also wants to emphasize that this is entirely optional; you can consider it based on your specific circumstances.

If you have any questions about Ethiopia visas for Togolese citizens, feel free to contact us. The Ethiopia Immigration Services team will help you to get the approval visa quickly and simply.