Ethiopia visa requirements for UAE residents in May 2024

Ethiopia is a poet's paradise, with mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lush valleys, and much more. Ethiopia, a nation of natural contrasts, provides tourists with a rich cultural study.

Allow Ethiopia Immigration Services to investigate how you may apply for and receive an Ethiopian visa for UAE residents.

1. Check Ethiopia e-visa requirements for UAE residents

Citizens of the United Arab Emirates who intend to visit Ethiopia must get a visa before entering the country.

It is no longer essential for UAE nationals to apply in person at an Embassy or Consulate in Ethiopia. The visa allows Emirati ré to apply for and get a visa while still in their native country.

Ethiopia E-Visa for UAE residents

What is an Ethiopian visa online?

The Ethiopian electronic Visa was designed to make the visa application process for Ethiopia more efficient.

The Ethiopian government issues e-visas to international travelers who intend to visit the country for travel or other non-business activities solely. It is valid for single entry, from the date of entrance into Ethiopia specified in the application form.

Citizens from all qualifying countries can simply complete the application form online by answering a few basic questions.

Visa applications are typically handled within 24 hours, however, in rare cases, it might take up to 03 working days. Once accepted, the visa is emailed to the applicant.

Travelers need to show their visas and passports to Ethiopian border officials at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Ethiopia's electronics visa is single-entry, with applicants having the option of a 30-day or 90-day visa.

2. How to apply for an Ethiopian visa from UAE

Ethiopia eVisa is the most systematic approach to obtaining a Tourist visa nowadays by applying online at our website.

Flow 04 of the Ethiopia visa application process:

  • Step 1: Complete the secure online application form. Applicants from the UAE must just fill out a basic form with personal information (full name, birth date, gender, birthplace, country of citizenship), passport number, and date of arrival/departure.
  • Step 2: Receive confirmation and provide additional documentation requirements.
  • Step 3: Make online payment for the e-visa application. You may pay your bill in two ways: electronically (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal) or through wire transfer (Bank of Cyprus transactions).
  • Step 4: Download and print out the e-visa. Upon arrival, have your visa stamped in your passport.

Ethiopia E Visa requirements for UAE residents

Documents required to obtain the Ethiopian visa for Emirati citizens

  • A valid UAE passport is not less than 06 months, with at least one blank page for stamping by the Immigration Officer.
  • Emirati candidates who have dual nationality should pick their nationality based on the passport they will use for travel.
  • Full-color passport photo taken within the last six months, with a clear face.
  • A valid email address.

3. Ethiopia visa fee and processing time

Ethiopia visa fees for UAE citizens

When applying for an Ethiopian visa online, UAE citizens must pay two types of Ethiopia visa fees: the Ethiopia service cost and the Ethiopia Government fee.

  • Ethiopia Government fee: This is the fee you must pay to the Ethiopia Immigration Department in order for them to issue you a visa. This is the obligation fee for applicants who wish to apply for eVisa.
  • Ethiopia service fee: The service charge is determined by the number of people covered by your application and how quickly you want the visa.

There are 03 different types of services for application:

  • Normal: For those who would like to get an e-visa within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: For those who would like to get an e-visa within 02 days.
  • Super Urgent: Those who would like to get an e-Visa within 24 business hours.

Furthermore, we urge that you get Travel Insurance Ethiopia. When you are not in your home country, you will be protected against a variety of risks, including the COVID-19 pandemic, for a fee of US$ 299 for each application. We also want to underline that this is an optional step that you can take depending on your situation.

Ethiopian visa processing time from UAE

An Ethiopia visa from the United Arab Emirates is usually accepted in 01 to 03 business days. Ethiopian authorities will examine the application, documentation, and fee payment once applicants have provided all essential documents and information. Applicants can utilize the convenient online visa portal to follow the status of their application.

Due to unmatched information or other issues, the procedure may take longer than usual. It is thus recommended that you allow at least 03 days from the departure date for the visa to be processed and that you apply well in advance of your trip.

When applying from their home country, UAE nationals will get any messages or alerts regarding the visa by email. The visa confirmation will also be delivered in this manner, as will an electronic copy of the visa to the applicant's email account.

Hope the above information has helped you better understand the Ethiopian visa requirements for UAE residents. Should you need any further assistance, please contact our support team for immediate assistance.