Ethiopia visa requirements for Zambians in July 2024

Ethiopia stands as a captivating destination for travelers exploring Africa. Often referred to as the Horn of Africa, it boasts the continent's second-largest population. However, most visitors require a visa to enter and the Zambians need a visa to visit Ethiopia.

Zambian citizens can easily secure an Ethiopian visa. Prior to their trip, visitors from Zambia should acquaint themselves with the visa prerequisites and entry procedures for a smooth journey to Ethiopia. Follow this article to understand about Ethiopia visa for Zambian citizens.

Zambian citizens need an Ethiopian visa

1. Do Zambian citizens need an Ethiopian visa to enter?

Residents of Zambia must obtain a tourist visa to enter and travel within Ethiopia. Zambian citizens have two options for obtaining an Ethiopian visa.

  • Tourists can apply for a visa at the Ethiopian Embassy.
  • Opt for an e-Visa.

While visitors are free to choose their preferred method, applying for an e-visa online is the recommended option. The Ethiopia e-Visa enables applicants to bypass long queues at the embassy by completing the entire process online.

For visas related to studying, working, settling, etc., Zambian applicants need to apply for a visa directly at the Ethiopian Embassy in Zambia or the nearest Ethiopian embassy.

What are Ethiopia e-Visa types for Zambian citizens?

For Zambian travelers, acquiring an Ethiopian tourist visa is a straightforward process. These visas permit a single entry and a stay of either 30 or 90 days. Issued by the Ethiopian Government, e-visas are tailored for visitors intending to explore the country for tourism or non-business purposes exclusively. It's essential to note that tourists are not allowed to engage in work activities while in Ethiopia and cannot alter their immigration status.

  • Tourist e-Visa - 30-Day Single Entry
  • Tourist e-Visa - 90-Day Single Entry

Individuals with an e-Visa are required to enter through Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Tourists with an e-Visa cannot enter Ethiopia through other ports. An eVisa is valid from the intended arrival date specified in the application.

Check Ethiopian visa requirements for Zambian citizens

Zambian passport holders must meet all application requirements before applying for an Ethiopian eVisa. The Ethiopia e-Visa requirements for Zambian citizens are as follows:

  • The Zambian passport must not be more than six months old when entering Ethiopia. At least one blank page should be left for stamps.
  • A full-color passport photo taken within the last six months with a clear face is required.
  • A working email address.

Before submitting, Zambian nationals should double-check that all information is correct. Incorrect data or the inability to provide all required credentials may cause the visa to be delayed or denied.

How to apply for an Ethiopian eVisa from Zambia?

2. How to apply for an Ethiopian eVisa from Zambia?

Zambian citizens of eligible countries can apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa if certain requirements are met, so do Zambian citizens. The online Ethiopian e-Visa application for Zambian citizens is simple and quick. Each application must include both basic and security-related questions.

How to fill out the application form?

The following types of information must be provided:

  • Visa types and processing times.
  • Personal data such as full name, address, date of birth, and nationality.
  • The number on the passport.
  • Arrival and departure date in Ethiopia.

An advantage of the Ethiopian e-Visa is its speed. The application form only takes a few minutes to complete. The e-visa may be processed within 24 hours of submission.

The approval time may be extended on rare occasions. In some cases, it may take up to 03 business days. As a result, it is best to plan ahead of time in order to obtain authorization before visiting Ethiopia. When the visa is approved, the candidate will be notified via email.

3. Ethiopia e-Visa fee for Zambian citizens

Applicants for Ethiopian visas must pay two types of Ethiopian visa fees: service fees and government fees.

Zambian citizens must pay the Government Fee because their country is not on the list of countries that do not require e-Visas in Ethiopia. The Government fee will vary depending on the type of visa Zambian nationals are applying for.

A service fee for an Ethiopian visa will be assessed based on the required processing time.

You can choose from the following three service orders at Ethiopia Immigration Services:

  • Normal: By selecting this option, you will receive your e-visa within 03 working days.
  • Urgent: If you choose this option, you will receive an Ethiopian e-visa within 02 working days.
  • Super Urgent: With this service, you may receive your Ethiopia e-Visa in as little as 24 hours.

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