Is an Ethiopian visa required for Vietnam citizens?

Vietnam is not in the exempt country list for visa free of Ethiopia, so Vietnam citizens must be required to have a valid visa for entering the country. Luckily, Vietnam is the eligible country that can apply for an e-visa at Ethiopian Immigration services.

By 3 simple steps, Vietnam citizens can have their own Ethiopian e-visa for themselves:

  • Step 1: Vietnam travelers are required to fill out the form with personal details and passport numbers.
  • Step 2: Remember to check your information carefully before going to the next step. After checking, Vietnamese citizens are required to make payment for the e-visa to be processed.
  • Step 3: Frequently check your email box to update information and receive the e-visa as a PDF file.

For the process, Vietnamese citizens might be charged a fee if they apply for an e-visa including the government fee and the service fee. If your application is rejected, the government fee will not be refunded.

After receiving the e-visa result via email, Vietnamese citizens are highly recommended to print it out before going to the airport. If they do not have the scanned copy of e-visa, the Border Force Officers will not allow Vietnamese citizens to enter Ethiopia legally.


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