How to Apply for Ethiopia eVisa from European Union

Ethiopia visa for European citizens: Currently, citizens of most foreign countries can apply for an Ethiopian e-Visa. This program was launched to streamline the immigration process for visitors and enhance national border security. Citizens from eligible countries are also eligible for a traditional visa in Ethiopia. Europeans can obtain their electronic visas easily through the new system.

Kenyans and Djiboutians can enter Ethiopia without a visa for up to a year and three months, respectively. The few exceptions to Ethiopia's visa requirements are listed above. Europeans, as well as all other nationals, must possess a valid visa before entering the country.

What is Ethiopia e-Visa for European citizens?

European nationals need a visa in order to enter Ethiopia. They can apply for a 30 or 90-day single-entry tourist visa. Citizens of the European Union can apply for an Ethiopia e-Visa online or apply for a traditional visa.

Ethiopia extended the traditional tourist visa to all African Union member states. However, travelers should apply online, as it is easier and faster. Pre-approval of the e-Visa before departure can help avoid unpleasant situations upon arrival.

A traditional Ethiopian visa requires waiting in line at the Ethiopian Embassy in European Union and visitors should ensure they have all the necessary documentation with them for entry into the country. The e-Visa process allows travelers to avoid these lines since everything is done online.

You must enter Ethiopia via Addis Ababa Bole International Airport if you possess an e-Visa. Currently, you cannot enter Ethiopia from any other port with an e-Visa.

Ethiopia e-Visa for the European citizens

Ethiopia e-Visa for the European citizens

Check Ethiopia Visa requirements for European citizens

To get the Ethiopia visa for European citizens, the candidates need to provide fully the documents required. An e-Visa for Ethiopia can be obtained by Europeans by submitting the following documents:

  • A valid passport for at least 6 months after entry into Ethiopia
  • A recent passport-size photo

All information must be accurate and complete before an application is submitted since any update or change in the information can cause delays in the processing of the application. It will also ensure that there will be no issues at the Ethiopian Immigration counter upon arrival.

Required Information:

Personal information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Country of birth
  • City of birth
  • Country of citizenship
  • Gender
  • Passport details
  • Country of issue
  • Passport number
  • Date of issue
  • Expiry date

If you have more than one passport, please include the passport you will use to travel to Ethiopia on your e-Visa application. Inconsistencies between the travel document and the credentials used for the e-Visa application could result in travelers being refused entry into Ethiopia.

To enter Addis Ababa Bole International Airport, Europeans must present:

  • Print a duplicate of their Ethiopia e-Visa (if applicable)
  • A photocopy of the passport
  • A valid passport (valid for at least 6 months after arrival)
  • The passport has 2 blank pages left for stamps or notes from immigration

If European Union travelers plan to leave the country and enter it again before the tourist visa expires, they need to apply for a new visa.

Visa extensions are possible before the expiration date of the visa, provided the applicant meets the requirements. Visa extensions can last up to 30 days, subject to the continuation of all visa requirements.

Staying in the country beyond the validity of a visa may result in legal penalties and fines.

Additionally, European travelers can be required to provide proof of yellow fever vaccination at the border with Ethiopia. The requirement also applies to travelers who have passed through a country that has a yellow fever risk.Ethiopia visa requirements for the European citizens

Ethiopia visa requirements for the European citizens

How to apply for an Ethiopia e-Visa from European Union?

Applicants from European Union can easily apply for an Ethiopian visa by using the Ethiopia online application form. It is a safe and simple process that will assist applicants in entering all necessary information.

After providing all necessary information and documentation, travelers will need to complete the digital payment process with a credit or debit card.

A few business days after approval, the e-Visa will be sent to the email address specified in the application form.

How much of Ethiopia e-Visa fee for European Union citizens?

European Union applicants need to pay two types of Ethiopian e-Visa fees: Service fees and Government fees. The cost varies according to which visa type and which processing time you choose.

In addition, you provide a small amount for Travel Insurance in case of unforeseen events. Because European Union does not appear on Ethiopia's exemption list, the government charge is mandatory.

Fees vary depending on which of the three visa services you select. At Ethiopia Immigration Services, we provide 3 types of rush visa services for candidates to apply for.

Kind of Ethiopia e-visa services

  • Normal: This option can provide you with an e-visa within three business days.
  • Urgent: Within 2 days, you will receive an Ethiopia e-visa if you choose this option.
  • Super Urgent: The Ethiopia e-visa that can be obtained in as little as 24 hours is the fastest available.

For paying your bills through the payment system, you have two options: Electronic Payment (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or PayPal) or Wire Bank Transfer.

The Ethiopia visa for European Union citizens should be applied for 7 days before the day to begin the Ethiopia trip. Let's contact us if you still have any questions or want to book an Ethiopia visa service today!! Let's contact us now!

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