Do US citizens need a visa for Ethiopia?

The United States is not in the exempt country list for Visa free of Ethiopia, so all US citizens must have a valid visa to enter Ethiopia. This country is capturing the attention of people from all around the world. Ethiopia is constantly at the top of Egyptians' lists of ideal travel destinations. Therefore, in order to enter Ethiopia, passengers from the US must have a valid visa. If they do not have a valid visa, they will be denied entry.

Thankfully, the Ethiopian government has made the online system for requesting an e-visa available so that every American visitor can quickly register to obtain an e-visa. In order to schedule an appointment with an embassy or consulate, all American people previously had to locate the Ethiopian Embassy in their nation. However, they will be required to wait in a long line before being interviewed.

But now, American travelers just fill out the application form online at Ethiopian Immigration Services for having an e-visa. Within a few minutes, US citizens can submit requests from the comfort of their home without going to the Embassy. All they need is just an electronic device with internet access. American travelers will have their own e-visa to enter Ethiopia.


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