Ethiopia duty-free shop for tourists: Things to know

To prepare for your trip to Ethiopia, use Duty-Free Information to see what Duty-Free shops, boutiques, and products are available at Ethiopian airports before you fly.

Ethiopia Immigration Services provides useful information about the list of duty-free shops, items list, or finding the cheapest costs and purchasing online before your trip, purchasing at the airport, or purchasing aboard.

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Ethiopia duty-free items for visitors

When traveling to Ethiopia, particularly Addis Ababa, travelers can easily find duty-free shops at the airports.

Duty-Free items for reasonable prices:

  • Cigarettes
  • Tobacco
  • Perfume
  • Honey wine, red wine
  • Selected spirits
  • Shoes and leather goods products
  • Some Ethiopian souvenirs and coffee

Duty-free shops in Ethiopia

Duty-free shops in Ethiopia

What Duty-Free shops are there at airports in Ethiopia?

Follow the list of Ethiopia duty-free shops at the Addis Ababa Airport (ADD) where you can choose the best Ethiopia duty-free prices there:

  • Alfarag Duty-free
  • Country Trading/ Millenium Duty-free shop
  • Eskedar souvenir
  • Genet Solomon souvenir shop
  • NN Duty - Free shop
  • Phares Trading Electronics % Book shop
  • WBC The real leather shop
  • Yabogered Cultural Cloths/Souvenir

In Ethiopia, what kind of material is imported duty-free?

The following goods may be imported into Ethiopia by passengers aged 18 and over without incurring customs duty:

• 200 cigarettes, 100 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco.

• 2 liters of alcoholic drinks.

• 500ml of perfume

• Gifts not exceeding a value of 500 Birr.

• 100g of gold and other precious metal.

• 30g of precious stones.

• 100g of semi-precious stones.

Item that can be imported duty-free in Ethiopia

Item that can be imported duty-free in Ethiopia

What are banned from importing and exporting in Ethiopia?

Banned Imports

  • Narcotics, firearms, explosives, counterfeit currency, pornography, and materials infringing on intellectual property rights are all prohibited imports.
  • Hunting guns, air guns, swords, endangered plants and animals, and live animals are examples of restricted imports that require permits.
  • Plants and animals, fruits and vegetables, seeds, ivory, medicines, and satellite cameras are all examples of natural resources.

Banned Exports

Ivory (even if already processed into jewelry), precious metals, precious gems, religious artifacts, antiques, and animal hides are all prohibited or restricted exports.

Things to Know About Duty-Free Shopping

  • Ensure that you comprehend the requirements for duty-free materials in your destination country, especially for alcohol and cigarettes. Many nations, like the United States, place restrictions on how much you may bring in duty-free.
  • Finally, if you purchase in a currency other than dollars, remember to factor in exchange rates. The cost of the item may be more or lower than you expect.
  • Consider a stroll around the duty-free store the next time you have time to kill at a foreign airport, and you will. However, unless you are a smoker or a drinker, you should research before purchasing.

What are the benefits of purchasing duty-free items?

The biggest advantage of duty-free shopping is that you save a lot of money on things that are usually rather expensive. Another advantage of duty-free shopping is the opportunity to check out new items that are frequently test-marketed by significant businesses. You could also get things that aren't accessible in your own country. Because of their uniqueness, they are excellent gifts for friends and family. Many tourists also enjoy duty-free shopping when they have free time at the airports.

Duty-free shopping may be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. However, it may also be quite disappointing. Remember the advice given above? They can assist you in having a good time shopping when traveling worldwide.

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