Top Thing To Do In Ethiopia For Travel Bucket Lists

Natural scenery comprises a part of what makes Ethiopia so unique, but the cultural diversity and fascinating heritage really set it apart from other countries in Africa. Ethiopia is home to more than 200 different tribes, each with their own history and culture.

When visiting Ethiopia, visitors feel like entering a multi-ethnic space with diverse and unique cultures, where the ancient look is still hidden in the hasty development of the city. Let’s explore things to do in Ethiopia with Ethiopia Immigration Services.

1. Ethiopia's famous things is 13 months calendar

One of Ethiopia's famous things is the 13 months calendar. In Ethiopia, there are 13 months in a year instead of the usual 12 months. Thousands of years ago, Ethiopians believed an extra month to bring more luck which is why they have followed the 13 January calendar year throughout history. Another distinction is that Ethiopia begins the new year on September 11. In September annually, the number of daylight and nighttime hours is equal everywhere in the world. That is the reason why Ethiopians choose this month to start the new year. The second reason comes from the Bible, which says that Heaven and Earth were created in September. Not only that, September is said to be the ideal time of year when flowers are in full bloom, the weather is warm, sunny, and comfortable.

What is more remarkable is that a day in Ethiopia only has 12 hours, the time of sunrise will be 1 hour first and sunset will be counted as 12 hours, then the clock will continue to count 12 hours from the beginning to the day. Ethiopia attracts numerous visitors owing to its unique sense of time, though sometimes this characteristic may present certain difficulties for international travelers in terms of scheduling.

Ethiopia's famous things

Ethiopia's famous things

2. Experience fun things to do in Ethiopia with the indigenous people

The unique fusion of Ethiopia's terrain, history, culture, and wildlife is sure to provide visitors with unforgettable experiences. Community trekking is a fun thing to do in Ethiopia, and this community trekking takes hikers into spectacular sceneries around. Located in the Ethiopian Highlands, this scenic trail winds through stunning national parks and along long untouched rivers. The Simien Mountains are home to a number of endemic and rare species like the Gelada, Monkey, Walia Ibex, and Ethiopian Wolf are famous for their incredible beauty.

Additionally, be sure to stop by the Omo Valley tribes on your trip to Ethiopia. The lower regions of Southern Ethiopia are home to some of the world's last unchanging cultural groups and are famous for their strange custom. In particular, when visiting Ethiopia, travelers can see the heavy lip plates of the Mursi women, young Karo boys painted and patterned in thick white ash, the ochre-plastered hair of the Hamer, the blood-drinking Bodi men who compete to have the fattest stomach.

What is special about the Omo Valley is that the tribal communities still maintain the way of life they have lived for millennia. Traveling to Omo Valley like stepping back in time and experiencing ways of living completely different from your own. Almost all tribes differ in their language, clothing, food, and traditions, all of which have evolved over millennia.

Experience fun things to do in Ethiopia with the indigenous people

Experience fun things to do in Ethiopia with the indigenous people

3. Participating in festivals is a must-try thing to do in Ethiopia Addis Ababa

Located in the heart of Africa, Addis Ababa is a vibrant city. With its historic buildings, art galleries, and bustling downtown area, this is a popular tourist destination for travelers to Ethiopia. Not only that, but Addis Ababa is also famous for the Great Ethiopian Run (GER), a must-try thing to do in Ethiopia Addis Ababa. Taking part in the Great Ethiopian Run (GER) is one of the best and most exciting ways to experience Ethiopia's capital city, which offers a stunning natural backdrop to the famous yet challenging half-marathon course. In other words, participating in the Great Ethiopian Run is a way to socialize with locals, learn about their culture, and have a chance to meet other athletes from around the world.

Don’t miss the chance to experience fun things to do in Ethiopia involving participating in some cultural festivals or trying superb local dishes there. Planning your trip to be able to enjoy the festive season in Ethiopia is definitely a necessity because this country is famous for its unique festivals held all year round. These religious celebrations are not only colorful and spiritually exhilarating but most last for several days. Important Christian holidays include Meskel, Christmas, Timkat, Kiddus Yohannes, and Easter.

Not only that, visiting community centers like the town square and the local church will also help you experience these traditional activities including local dances. This activity is traditionally performed by women, but men can also participate. Another interesting tradition and an important part of Ethiopian culture are religious feasts that include thanksgiving meals on Easter Sunday.

Participating in festivals is a must-try thing to do in Ethiopia Addis Ababa

Participating in festivals is a must-try thing to do in Ethiopia Addis Ababa

4. The Danakil Desert is one of the most remarkable things to see in Ethiopia

Craggy mountains, dazzling lakes, and volcanic craters are among the numerous things to see in Ethiopia that will not disappoint travelers. Visitors can immerse themselves in nature while exploring Ethiopia's extensive history. The Danakil Desert is one of the hottest regions on Earth with temperatures over 50 degrees Celsius, and has become the most beautiful natural place for tourists from around the world to see salt lakes, volcanoes, and colorful acidic springs.

In the middle of this area is Dallol, a place full of salt mines and landscapes filled with different colors that make you feel like you are in a watercolor painting. Seeing why travelers should spend time traveling to the Danakil Desert.

The Danakil Desert is worth seeing in Ethiopia

The Danakil Desert is worth seeing in Ethiopia

Before traveling to this fascinating country, you should make sure that you obtain enough essential items. Passports, visas, flight tickets, and tour packages should be well-prepared to make your trip more enjoyable. If you need assistance with Ethiopian eVisas or services for your travel to Ethiopia, please contact us.

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