Can I Extend My Visa If I Overstay In Ethiopia?

Yes. You can extend your visas by going, in person, to the Department of Immigration or Nationality Affairs' Head Office in Addis Ababa (Arada sub-city, Arat Kilo) or by applying for an online visa extension through the Ethiopia Immigration Services. By selecting the appropriate option on the application form, applicants can choose between a 30-day and a 90-day visa. However, you should not stay for any longer than your visa permits. After this time, you must promptly leave the country if your visa is out of valid to avoid criminal prosecution or penalties. To ensure that your Ethiopia visa overstay is accepted, you should apply at least a week before the overstay date. 

Visa process extension is straightforward and simple. Applicants need to simply fill in the form of the question which includes their name, address, date of birth, email address, and travel plans. Applicants need to meet all visa requirements and pay an overstay fee in Ethiopia by using a credit or debit card in order to reapply for the Ethiopia eVisa successfully. When the eVisas are approved, they are sent to the email address specified on the application form. Normally, applications are processed within 24 hours, but on rare occasions, the process can take up to 72 hours.

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