How Much Is Travel Insurance To Ethiopia?

When applying for an Ethiopia visa, travelers are advised to purchase Ethiopia Travel Insurance that covers Covid-19 treatment costs in Ethiopia. Currently, Ethiopia Immigration Services provides Travel Insurance along with Ethiopia e-visa without any other information required when you apply for an Ethiopia e-visa on our website, which is available at 299$ (USD) per person. The type and level of coverage depending on the plan you choose.

Each plan will have a policy document explaining the coverage for you. At Ethiopia Immigration Services, with Travel Insurance, we cover as many aspects as possible to make your journey safe. Find out more about Ethiopia Travel Insurance Information here.

One of the advantages of having this insurance is that it protects travelers’ benefits in the event of unexpected risks occurring during their trip to Ethiopia. Besides, Ethiopia Travel Insurance will cover the costs of treatment for sickness and injuries, as well as hospital stays and other related services. Additionally, getting short-term Ethiopia Travel Insurance is a wise choice because of the following factors below:

  • Paying for any luggage loss expenses.
  • Compensate trip-interruption costs.
  • Expenses related to trip delays.
  • Reimbursement of Medical Expenses.
  • Includes COVID treatment costs.

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