Do US children need an e-visa for Ethiopia?

American citizens who plan to bring their children to go on an Ethiopia short-term trip with them, must have a valid visa. They can not use the same with their parents, if they do not have a valid visa, they will be denied entry to enter Ethiopia. In order to apply for an Ethiopia e-visa for American children, parents must first make sure they all have a passport which is still valid 6 months remaining from the intended date of entry into Ethiopia. The passport must have 2 blank pages for exit and entry stampings. All the visa requirements for minors are the same as adults.

To register an e-visa for American children, parents must on behalf of their child to complete the form on Ethiopian Immigration Services website. The number of children that travelers have is corresponding to the number of forms that they have to fill.

American parents will fill out the form with their children’s full name, passport number and nationalities. Make sure that there is no missing information, missing words or typos because this information will be written on your child’s e-visa. Moreover, every child must have their own passport and visa, they can not share the same ones to enter Ethiopia.

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