Do Dutch citizens need a visa for Ethiopia?

If Dutch citizens are unsure whether you are required a visa to enter Ethiopia, the response is that you do. Ethiopia is a stunning nation endowed with a lengthy history, incredible animals, and lush surroundings. People from all over the world are getting more and more enamored with this location. For Dutch travelers, Ethiopia is always at the top of the list of desirable travel locations. Therefore, in order to enter Ethiopia, passengers from the Netherlands must have a valid visa.

Fortunately, the digital system for applying for an e-visa was announced by the Ethiopian government in 2018. The Netherlands became one of the eligible countries for having an e-visa to enter Ethiopia legally. Thanks to the convenient application system, Dutch citizens can now apply for an e-visa more easily and quickly. All Dutch nationals need is one electronic device with steady internet connection, they can fill the form in just under 20 minutes.

By this application online portal provided by Ethiopian Immgiration Services, Dutch travelers no longer need to wait at the immgration officers to interview for a visa. Unfortunately, there is no Ethiopian Embassy in the Netherlands right now so Dutch citizens must go to the nearest country to apply for a visa.


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