How can I check my Ethiopia visa status online for Dutch citizens?

Please complete the online form to Check Status if you are an Dutch citizen and want to know if your e-visa has been processed or not. Dutch citizens must first complete the form with their personal information, including full names, passport numbers, and email address.

Dutch citizens can track the status of their e-visa after submitting the application. Customers who are applying for an e-visa through the Ethiopian Immigration Services website are highly recommended to use this form to check status. Other people who don't apply can't check. Within 30 minutes, the result will be forwarded to the applicant's email address.

The Ethiopia visa requirements for Dutch citizens must be better understood by all Dutch citizens in order for the application process to go quickly and smoothly. The following prerequisites for Dutch citizens will help you best get ready for your e-visa:

  • Verify that your passport is still valid at least six months after the entrance date. If your passport expires while you are in Ethiopia, you should think about renewing it right away.
  • Ensure that there are more than two blank pages in your passport.
  • A digital photograph of your face
  • At least one scanned copy of your biographical page of the passport.
  • Valid email address.


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