Ethiopia visa for Jamaican citizens in April 2024

Ethiopia, with its rich history and strategic position, is one of the world's most popular African destinations. Ethiopia visa services are now accessible throughout the island of Jamaica. We can assist you in obtaining it through a simple online method.

Learn about the Ethiopia visa for Jamaican citizens, including any changes to the cost and application requirements, etc.

1. Ethiopia online visa requirements for Jamaican citizens

To enter Ethiopia, Jamaicans must get a visa. Only bearers of diplomatic or service passports are permitted to enter Ethiopia without a visa for up to three months. Tourist visas are in two lengths: 30 days and 90 days, both with a single entry.

The validity of an Ethiopia starts from the arrival date specified in the visa application.

Citizens of Jamaica are encouraged to apply for an Ethiopia e-Visa online in order to confirm their eligibility and be advised of their visa status before their trip, avoiding problems on arrival.

Ethiopia e-visa for Jamaica nationals

Ethiopia e-visa for Jamaican nationals

What exactly is an Ethiopian tourist visa?

To expedite the procedure, the Ethiopian tourist visa was introduced in 2017. Citizens of all nations can obtain Ethiopian visas.

It just takes a few minutes to complete the online application form for an Ethiopian tourist visa. Applicants must supply the following information:

  • Passports must be valid for at least six months from the date of entry.
  • At least two blank pages in the passport should be available for the Immigration Officer to stamp.
  • Applicants with dual citizenship should select their nation based on the passport they want to use for travel.
  • A photograph of the applicant in color.

2. Apply for an Ethiopian visa from Jamaica

The online application form is the initial step in acquiring an Ethiopian e-Visa. After all prerequisites are satisfied and all of the above-mentioned paperwork is compiled, the application procedure is simple and quick.

Take the following four steps:

  • Step 1: Complete the safe online application form. To process your e-Visa to Ethiopia, fill out the online forms on the Apply for Ethiopia e-Visa page.
  • Step 2: Obtain confirmation as well as the necessary paperwork. Check that your information is correct. Then, select a payment option for our visa service charge and complete the secure checkout form. You must supply extra paperwork to finish your application form if we require it.
  • Step 3: We will send you an e-Visa for your confirmed information and notify you when your Ethiopia eVisa is ready. Before being delivered to you, the e-visa will be processed and approved online.
  • Step 4: Upon arrival, have your visa stamped in your passport. To board the plane, please print the Ethiopia e-Visa that we sent you through email. If you arrive in Ethiopia with a valid e-Visa, you may be asked to supply biometric information and have a stamp implanted in your passport.

Requirements of Ethiopic e-visa for Jamaica citizens

Requirements of Ethiopic e-visa for Jamaican citizens

3. Ethiopia visa cost and Processing time

Ethiopia eVisa processing time for Jamaican travelers

Depending on the length of processing time specified, an electronic visa for Ethiopia can be obtained in Jamaica in 1 to 3 working days:

  • Normal: For candidates who need an e-visa in three business days or less.
  • Urgent: For candidates who need an e-visa in less than two days.
  • Super Urgent: For candidates who need an e-visa in less than 24 hours.

Ethiopia visa cost for Jamaican citizens

To get an entrance visa to Ethiopia, Jamaica must pay two types of Ethiopia visa costs.

  • Everyone in Jamaica who applies for a work permit must pay a fee to the government.
  • Furthermore, a service fee for Ethiopia Immigration Services will vary according to the type of service you select.

Useful Information:

Cost of Ethiopia e-visa

Cost of Ethiopia e-visa

4. Ethiopia visa for Jamaican citizens FAQs

Some commonly asked questions about Ethiopia visas for Jamaican passport holders. Please consult:

Does Jamaican need to acquire a visa to visit Ethiopia?

Every traveler who wishes to visit Ethiopia must apply for an e-visa.

How many times can I enter Ethiopia with an e-Visa?

This electronic visa only allows for one entrance.

What is an Ethiopian e-Visa for Jamaican citizens?

It is a legal document that is connected to your passport and allows you to enter Ethiopia.

How long will Jamaica be in the country of Ethiopia?

They can remain for a total of 30 days or 90 days depending on the type of visa they possess. Remember that this visa cannot be used for paid jobs or employment.

Why should I choose the Ethiopia visa service at GIS?

Hope this post has given you a better understanding of the Ethiopian visa requirements for Jamaican citizens. Ethiopia Immigration Service is an excellent online portal to start when applying for an Ethiopian visa for Jamaican citizens. If you have any queries or need to organize an Ethiopia visa service, please contact us for more information.