Do I need a Covid-19 Insurance?

Ethiopia's borders are open, and visitors from other countries are welcome to enter the nation by requesting a visa. On October 28, 2022, COVID-19 restrictions were eliminated which means a PCR test is no longer required for international travelers to Ethiopia.

Previously, individuals without a vaccination or recovery certificate required a negative COVID-19 test result in order to board a flight to Ethiopia. The medical certificate demonstrating a negative test result had to be issued for travel to Ethiopia within 72 hours for PCR testing and 24 hours for RAT tests.

Currently, passengers who were fully vaccinated could enter Ethiopia without taking the COVID-19 test. Foreigners can travel to Ethiopia as long as they have a vaccination certificate with at least 02 doses of vaccine at least 14 days before arrival, they can travel to Ethiopia.

Anyone who intends to visit Ethiopia in the upcoming weeks or months should keep notice of all the country's coronavirus entrance restrictions. Any person showing COVID-19 symptoms must appropriately wear a face mask, and get a self-test, or at a health facility. If a passenger has a positive COVID-19 result, they will not be permitted to enter Ethiopia. In that case, they will experience quarantine and must follow local guidelines.

When apply Ethiopia visa, travelers are encouraged to get Ethiopia Travel Insurance that covers Covid-19 treatment expenses in Ethiopia. This Insurance also helps to protect traveler’s benefits in the event of unexpected risks occurring during their trip to Ethiopia.

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