Do I need a transit visa for Ethiopia?

No. You do not need to obtain a visa for transit flights. That means you have to stay at the airport to wait for the next flight to your destination. If you wish to leave the airport to visit Addis Ababa for some time, you must apply for a tourist eVisa or visit the Embassy to get a transit visa. In this case, Ethiopia Immigration Services suggest you obtain an Ethiopia eVisa because it is straightforward. The application process is relatively simple, and the visa fee is charged based on the validity duration.

There are two types of Ethiopian eVisas for you to choose from, based on your staying time: 30 days or 90 days. The validity of an eVisa commences from the intended arrival date in the country with a single entry. The eVisa helps save time because it hastens the visa application process and enables you to have your approved e-Visa ready before you depart for your trip. This electronic visa requires no lengthy paperwork or trips to embassies or consulates. Not to mention that it also saves your travel expense, like air tickets or hotel reservations since there are chances that you would be denied of visa on arrival.

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