What types of e-Visa are popular?

There are two types of Ethiopian electronic visas available: Tourist eVisa 30 days and 90 days. This visa is an official visa issued electronically by the Main Department for Immigration and Nationality Affairs of Ethiopia for international travelers.

An Ethiopian eVisa is used for tourism purposes, valid for up to 90 days from the intended entry date specified in the application form, with a single entry.

Because of its considerable advantages, an eVisa is recommended for all travelers who want to travel to Ethiopia. They do not need to visit the Embassy or the consulate to apply for a visa. Instead, they can do so from anywhere worldwide as long as they possess a smart device connected to the Internet.

The entire process of the Ethiopia eVisa application can be accomplished on the Ethiopia Immigration Services website. Applicants need to fill in the visa application form, pay the visa fee, and they can get a visa for Ethiopia via email in PDF format.

Under normal circumstances, the processing time for a tourist visa is 03 days.Tourists should, thus, apply at least 07 days before their anticipated arrival date. Last but not least, before traveling to Ethiopia, travelers are advised to bring at least two printouts of their eVisa for the Immigration Officer to check their eligibility.

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