Top 8 Best Restaurants in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Food is one of the many highlights of Ethiopia for travelrs. In Addis Ababa in particular and Ethiopia in general, people and restaurants have a tradition of serving vegetarian food every Wednesday and Friday. Restaurants will always have periodic menus for vegetarian dishes served weekly to diners. Coffee is exceptional, being a huge part of the social scene and culture.

The following article about the top 8 best restaurants in Addis Ababa will assist you on the foody road.

Best restaurants in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa has recently been a paradise for food lovers. Addis Ababa, in particular, is a city where the coffee ritual is required, and a long lunch is nearly expected. Whether you want Italian, French or traditional Addis Ababa restaurants in Ethiopia, the best restaurants will satisfy your needs.

From a busy Italian-style scene to a plethora of artisan coffee shops and bakeries, one of the finest things to do in Addis is to indulge in a cornucopia of high-quality culinary experiences.

We compiled this list of the best 8 best restaurants in Addis Ababa, to offer you a taste of what is likely to be an unforgettable gastronomic experience with the Addis Ababa restaurant's menu.

1. Totot

This restaurant is especially famous for its signature cuisine from the ethnic minorities in Southern Ethiopia. The famous Kitfo dish is the best feature of this restaurant - the dish is said to have been created from these ethnic minorities. Totot's particular kitfo is made spicy to suit regional preferences using fiery mitmita, a powder composed of chillies, and niter kibbeh (spiced butter). It is possible that this is not really a tourist destination because the restaurant's target is the people of Ethiopia. However, it is still a very good idea for visitors who like to experience like a local.

In addition, this restaurant in Addis Ababa also has another special feature which is performances from traditional bands and dancers held every day on the restaurant stage. You can fully enjoy your meal in a true traditional atmosphere.

Type of food: Ethiopian

Ethiopian food at Totot restaurant

Ethiopian food at Totot restaurant

2. Yod Abyssinia Traditional Food

Yod Abyssinia is one of Ethiopia's top traditional eateries. The restaurant offers excellent cuisine as well as an interesting musical experience based on Ethiopian culture. Yod is considered as one of the pioneer restaurants in high ethnic character. Here, the restaurant serves with the chuddaos, love and hospitality of a true Ethiopian. Because their operating motto is based on the meaning of the restaurant name YOD - observant respect or claims to pay attention to customers. Travelers are sure to have a great experience here.

Type of food: Ethiopian

3. 2000 Habesha Cultural Restaurant

2000 Habesha Restaurant is well-known for its diverse cultural food. Customers are also treated to a live music presentation that includes a range of tribal songs and dances from the country's many tribes and cultures. The restaurant's interior design incorporates elements of Ethiopian history and culture.

Type of food: Ethiopian

Ethiopian food served at 2000 Habesha restaurant

Ethiopian food served at 2000 Habesha restaurant

4. Sishu Restaurant

Sishu Restaurant is unparalleled in Addis Ababa for burgers and sandwiches. Ethiopian diaspora and foreigners frequent it. It isn't the cheapest option, with some meals costing as much as 233 ETB ($9), but the clean service and high quality make it a worthwhile investment.

The cheesesteak sandwich, which consists of thinly sliced beef grilled with onion, joined together with melted cheese, and served on a hoagie bread smeared with mayonnaise, is a must-try. Flourless chocolate and raisin carrot are fantastic alternatives for satisfying a sweet tooth. Sishu Restaurant is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's capital city, in a warehouse near Kera.

Type of food: American

5. La Mandoline Restaurant

La Mandoline, a little Paris in the midst of East Africa, delivers delectably high-quality classic French food. This eatery is routine - and correctly - recommended as one of the best non-Ethiopian restaurants in town, run by a French chef who loves real food. It's nestled away in a dirt backstreet in Israel, where its tranquil outdoor courtyard gives reprieve from Addis's traffic-choked frenzy. If you're searching for a superb steak, La Mandoline is the place to go. One of the most expensive restaurants in town, but it is worth it for special occasions. They also have an excellent wine list.

Type of food: French

French food at La Mandoline restaurant

French food at La Mandoline restaurant

6. Gusto Restaurante

Gusto Restaurant is one of Ethiopia's greatest restaurants, especially if you search for authentic Italian cuisine. Whether you want to enjoy a dinner with friends and family or have a romantic evening with your partner, the restaurant provides a lovely environment. Furthermore, it may be used for either a business meal or a peaceful lunch. The restaurant is noted for delivering Mediterranean food with French and Italian influences.

The Gusto Restaurant offers numerous food selections, including the Gusto Signature menu, the Kids Menu, the Pizzeria Menu, and the Tapas Terrace bar menu.

Type of food: Italian & French

Italian food is served at Gusto Restaurant

Italian food is served at Gusto Restaurant

7. Kategna Traditional Restaurant

Because of its pleasant atmosphere and excellent service, Kategna is a favorite option among many. The quantities are relatively large, with one meal sometimes filling three individuals. One of the gastronomic highlights is Doro Wet, a renowned Ethiopian chicken stew.

For 286 ETB ($11), the Kategna special is an excellent introduction to Ethiopian cuisine for both meat eaters and vegans. Diners may also get Ethiopian coffee in a coffee pot and popcorn at the aesthetically appealing and spacious restaurant. Kategna has four sites in Addis Ababa. The entire Kategna experience is available at the Lafto mall location.

Kategna is one of the best traditional Ethiopian restaurants. The restaurant is well-known for its spicy cuisine and coffee ceremony, which includes conventional preparation methods. The restaurant serves a variety of meals made with a variety of distinct spices. Along with its various typical Ethiopian meat dishes, the restaurant caters to vegan guests. As a result, the restaurant creates numerous genuine Ethiopian meals that are vegan and free of animal ingredients.

Type of food: Ethiopian

Kategna is one of the best traditional Ethiopian restaurants

Kategna is one of the best traditional Ethiopian restaurants

8. Dashen Traditional Ethiopian Restaurant

The restaurant's menu features a variety of delectable traditional Ethiopian dishes. There is a wonderful walled patio where you may sit outside or inside the restaurant. Both the environment and the service are superb. Even after the fasting season is over, there are plenty of vegetarian alternatives.

Type of food: Ethiopian

Additional suggestions for fast food restaurants in Addis Ababa

1. Does Addis Ababa, Ethiopia have fast food?

Ethiopia has received a number of well-known fast-food chains in the past five years, albeit not as many as Kenya. Addis Ababa also has some famous fast-food restaurants in town.

2. What is the list of fast food restaurants in Addis Ababa?

  • My Burger

The restaurant serves basic fast food such as burgers and sandwiches, and related items. One of the most well-liked menu items is the burger, which is prepared using only the freshest ingredients. Additionally, the restaurant offers a selection of coffee drinks, such as espresso, cappuccino, and latte.

  • Moyos Cafe (Bole Atlas)

If you are looking for a place to eat something different from Ethiopian food, then Moyo is the best choice for you while in Addis Ababa.

They provide a variety of tasty and incredibly nutritious foods, including burgers, wraps, salads, and more. It's simple to spot the restaurant because it's on Mickey Leland Street across from the Yoly hotel. The highly appreciated point in the restaurant is the friendly and enthusiastic service attitude of the staff who always make diners comfortable. In addition, the unique local art is also very well expressed through the decoration of the restaurant. You can add the restaurant to your favorites list.

  • Debonairs Pizza

A well-known fast food restaurant in Addis, Debonairs Pizza serves hot sandwiches, soft drinks, and both traditional and specialty pizzas. Customers adore them because they always ensure that their pizzas are of the highest caliber in town.

Ethiopian food, like its culture, is eclectic and offers a one-of-a-kind eating experience. The best restaurants in Addis Ababa feature both native Ethiopian meals and foreign pleasures with a twist, catering to both meat eaters and vegetarians.

Despite having a distinct and unique cuisine, travelers from Europe, such as France, Ukraine, and Spain, or Asia, such as Singapore, Japan, Korea, and India, may easily appreciate the flavor of food from the best restaurants in Addis Ababa when visiting Ethiopia. You may begin your journey by adopting our Ethiopia e-Visa services in just a few simple steps. Ethiopia Immigration Services will greet you shortly.

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